Twenty Five Percent Extra

An exhibition from 2nd year Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art organised entirely outwith the institution.

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The Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh building burned in 2014. This pushed a section of the school to the Tontine building on the other side of the city, further dividing an already disparate school of fine art. This event catalysed the culture of expansion championed by current director Tom Inns and predecessor Seona ‘the Reid Building’ Reid. While the school aims to grow the student body 25% by 2018, no efforts have been made to increase per capita staffing or studio space, and increased fees are used to fund vanity projects. Read Reid. In response to this, second year fine art students are putting on an end of year show to foster relationships, collaboration and discussion between departments; to unify the school of fine art; and to provide a stronger voice through which to challenge the art school’s embrace of consumption, expansion and growth. There are 125 of us. We approached the school for funding and support in organising this exhibition. These requests were denied. As such, with support from the student union and WAVEparticle we have organised a show at the Laurieston Arches, Cleland Lane, G5 9DS. It will open on 10th June 6-9pm with an after-party at those same arches 9pm till late. It will be open over the weekend of the 11th & 12th June. We believe the school should be self-critical. We believe the school should be self-organising. We believe first and foremost that the school should be supporting its students. We are the school. We invite all to attend.


Exhibiting artists; Marian Allen, Corah Ambrose, Jeppe Andersen, Robyn Anderson, Pamela Atan, Lotte Bækgaard, Peter Basma-Lord, Chloe Boughton, Roisin Cairney, Celia Calder, Li Chen, Harry Clitheroe, Lucy Clitheroe, Katrina Cobain, Elisa Coffey, Adama Conteh, Alice Cornelia, Beth Cowey, Jessica Cummin, Megan Daly, Ryan Darnell, Helen Emily Davy, Hayley Dawson, Molly Francesca Dearie, Nancy Dewhurst, Rachael Docherty, Paula Doherty, Eilish Dougan, Peter Eason Daniels, Katherine Eberle, Angus Fernie, Alison Fitzpatrick, Vilte Fuller, Fenella Gabrysch, Esther Gamsu, Alexandra Gausen, Joe Alden Gibson, Harriet Gould, Jan Graham, Elizabeth Gray, Georgia Green, Georgia Grinter, Grundvold, Molly Hankinson, Jonas Jessen Hansen, Rebecca Hassan, Carlos Herraiz, Caitlin Higgins, Grace Higgins Brown, Thomas Clarke Hillan, Sarah Hilley, Will Holden, Maya Holliss, Scott Hopper, Shun Hui, Giedre Jackeivciute, Thyme James, Zhiliang Jin, Gemma Jones, Mez Kerr Jones, Jonny Kirkwood, Beth Kitchen, Rosa Klerkx, Freya Laird, Shun Lam, Lucy Lamort, Mark Lennon, Chen Li, Linnea Lieth, Jacob Littlejohn, Yi Liu, Malcolm Mackenzie, Declan Malone, Jens Masimov, Kirsty Mcarthur, Iain McCall, Cameron McCracken, Andrew McCue, Claire Mcginlay, Laura Mclean, Michaela McManus, Robert Mercer, Danielle Metcalfe-Shaw, Suzanna Morgan, Clare Morris, Eleanor Mottram, Kieran Muir, Adi Nag, Cecilie Neumann, Hannah Nugent, Flannery O’Kafka, Tim Offredi, Danny Pagarani, Aphra Pilkington, Zoe Pillar, Ellie Ploch, Natalia Poniatowska, Hamshya Rajkumar, Gavin Reid, Marina Renee-Cemmick, Mia Rewitz, Skyler Ridewood, Matthew Rimmer, Sean Robertson, Helen Robinson, Katie Robinson, Eleanor Rodwell, Malene Rolsted Christensen, Ella Russell, Kat Rymanis-Murawska, Allegra Salandini, Kaytlin Scott, Darren Skedd, Henry Smith, Georgia Sparkes, Ariana Steiner, Rebecca Thomson, Darren Todd, Megan Trueman, Kristjana Björg Þórarinsdóttir, Ruudu Ulas, Magdalene Wanderlust, Hannah Ward, Giles Watkins, David Whitelaw, Leo Wight, Shirley Wilson, Rachel Woodside, Gem X.


The Laurieston Arches, Cleland Lane, Glasgow, G5 9DS

Subway - The closest subway station is Bridge St. which is around five minutes walk to the West of the arches.
Train - The closest rail station is Glasgow Central which is around fifteen minutes walk North-West of the arches.
Car - The arches are just off the A728 but be aware that there is no parking on site.
Bike - The arches are easily accessible by bike and there are plenty of places you can lock up.
Plane - If coming from Glasgow Airport take the 747 bus to Partick and then take the subway from there.

Open Preview: June 10th 2016 6-9pm

After Party: June 10th 2016 9pm-1am

General Show: June 11th-12th 2016 12-5pm


Organising Committee (also exhibiting):
Peter Basma-Lord - me@peterbasmalord.com
Jonas Jessen Hansen - jonasjessenhansen@gmail.com
Declan Malone - declanamalone@gmail.com
Jens Masimov - jens.masimov@gmail.com
Danny Pagarani - dpagarani@gmail.com
Marina Renee-Cemmick - marinarc13@gmail.com
Georgia Sparkes - G.ThorntonSparkes1@student.gsa.ac.uk
Rachel Woodside - rach.woodside@hotmail.co.uk

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